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Products: Still Camera Housings
Aquatica D3/D3x/D3s

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This newly designed Aquatica housing is for the Nikon D3 generation of cameras (D3s/D3x/D3), for long this camera has been the workhorse of many of our professional underwater photographer and in this D3s housing you will see a reflection of our commitment to excellence. While at first glance it might seem that little was done to its D3/D3x predecessor a closer look will reveal a thoroughly new approach to housing fabrication.

The earlier version of the this housing could only accept the newer D3s with limited capabilities, this deeply redesigned version will now accept all of the versions (D3s/D3x/D3), aside from relocating some controls for better ergonomics and accessing the video feature, the housing has gone on a diet and has lost a substantial amount of weight, close to 20% actually. this was made possible with our new computer assisted 5 axis machine, that state of the arts technology now gives us unprecedented control over the machining process and the result is a much improved placement of the strategic material needed in the construction of the housing and precise removal of the excess one, all of this without sacrificing the robustness or depth rating that our housing are famous for.

With the arrival of the Nikon D3s came HD video and the unparalleled ISO performance ever seen in a camera, it was thus very important that the redesign of the housing consider taking these features into account and make every possible effort to position them as comfortable as could be made for the user, being very concerned with the legacy of its housings, especially for such high end cameras as the D3 generation, we had to make sure that not only did the new version accept the older Nikon D3x and D3, but that the redesigned back could be fitted on our older D3 housings version given these already excellent housings a longer life span.

As is usual with all ours Pro housings, a super sensitive moisture alarm with visual and audio warning is included and installed at the factory.

Redesigned and added controls include the following:

Set/record lever
Relocated to an easy accessible position due to its vital role when shooting video.

Live View button
Added is an oversized Live View access button located right under the Set/Record lever for a quick and precise reaction sequence when shooting video.

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AF-L/AE-L lever
Now a vastly improved version of the lever with a locking collar to eliminate the tendency of the lever to be pushed back in by the ambient water pressure when working at depth.

Bulkhead connectors circuitry
Here is a big change, hardly noticeable from the exterior, the newer generation of bulkheads connectors assembly has been implemented on this housing, based on a simple internal switchboard, the connectors configuration can be switched from the classic straight manual favored by many pros to a fully TTL compatible connector that will be ready to accept a third party TTL converter or housed Nikon flash.

Info button
Newly added on the D3s, this button is now fully accessible via a conveniently angled push button.

Controls knobs
All knobs are of the newer design, oversized and knurled to give a positive feel to them even with the thickest of cold water glove.

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Focus/Zoom control knob assembly
Aside from sporting an oversized indented knob for better feel in all water condition, the internal mechanism has been totally redesigned, this newer and ingenious assembly actually can be lifted up to get the pinion gear out of the way so that the camera and lens (with zoom/focus gear attached) can slide out quickly out for swift replacement of the battery. (CF card do not require the camera to come out of the housing).

The bulkheads connectors
These too have evolved and it is no longer a complicated affair to remove or replace them, the connector are supplied with mini plug that connect to the circuit board inside, just remove the small plug from the circuit, remove the retaining collar O-ring and pull out the connectors, reinsert the newer or different type of connector, reinstall the collar O-ring and plug into the circuit board a quick dunk test and off you go, hours of work have been converted into minutes, this simple yet sturdy and reliable approach makes field maintenance a breeze, always a welcome thing for a working professional.


Dimension and weight with grips attached:
Width: 14”/ 35.5cm X Height: 8.75”/ 22.2cm X Depth: 6.25” / 15.75cm
Weight: 8.25lbs / 3.75kg

Dimension and weight without grips attached:
Width: 10.5”/ 26.5cm X Height: 8.75”/ 22.2cm X Depth: 6.25” / 15.75cm
Weight: 7.3lbs / 3.25kg




  • Grips, (left and right hand)
  • Hexagonal head bolts (quant.:2)
  • Hexagonal (Allen) key
  • Owner manual
  • Spare main O-ring
  • Container of O-ring lubricant


The recommended servicing procedures of the products are outlined in the manuals supplied with the product. The outside of the housings and the accessories should be rinsed in fresh water after every dive. The handles should be removed after use otherwise if they remain attached to the housing for any length of time they may bind to the housing and be extremely difficult to remove. We suggest that the main O rings be lubricated regularly and all of the O rings be checked annually.

Subal (old smaller type) port to Aquatica Housing adapter (NEW)
Sea & Sea port to Aquatica Housing adapter (NEW)

Underwater remote trigger for Nikon D3, D700 & D300s (10 pins socket) (extra bulkhead included)

Replacement anodes (two complete set) for all Aquatica digital housing

* except D2x housing
Protective body cap: for all Aquatica bayonet style housing
Conversion spring kit for 425ft/130 meters rating
Aqua LED 800 Video & Focus Light   18823
Maintenance kit for Aquatica D3 Nikon housing.

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Aquatica Aqua View 180 Finder

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Valve and pump to create vacuum inside the housing in order to validate its sealing capability, to be used with housing already equipped with vacuum sensor circuitry


Aquatica Aqua View 45 Finder

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