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Technical Lighting Control:
Individual Components

There are many factors that contribute to housings buoyancy underwater. Port size is one of the key elements. The larger the port, the more air it traps inside, hence giving the overall housing more floatation. The opposite is also true, especially with the new line of compact ports. The smaller the port the less air that it traps inside the housing making the overall system less buoyant.

This is when the TLC buoyancy compensation floats can make a difference. The TLC Buoyancy Compensation Floats were designed to help remedy the issue of negative buoyancy in your system by compensating with about 1lb lift per float. These floats can be mounted on a TLC arm using a specially designed TLC arm clamp or can be mounted on the top center of an Aquatica housing (as well as other brands) using a 1" ball mount as a base.

It is recommended that one TLC buoyancy compensation float be placed at either side of the housing for better housing balance.. If you feel your system is too heavy for use over long periods of time without getting wrist or elbows fatigue, then the TLC floats may be the answer you have been looking for.

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Buoyancy compensating float with TLC 1” ball

This Buoyancy Compensating Float is equipped with a 1"/25mm ready to be integrated in most popular strobe arm system on the market.
Buoyancy compensating float with TLC 1” ball & arm clamp

This Buoyancy Compensating Float is provided with a 1"/25mm ball and a TLC clamps that allows mounting on the side of our regular TLC arms sections, this clamp can slide along the arm side and position the floats in order to best trim your rig.
TLC Support for Ikelite TTL Converter

The TLC Support for Ikelite TTL converter is a clever mount designed to accept the Ikelite TTL converters (#4301 or #4302) and the junction barrel of the double cable sync cord, this cleans up the clutter of sync cable around the top of the housing. Adding a TLC # 17651 1" ball to the top of it will transform it into a convenient arm ready to accept a focus light.
Ball with ¼ -20 stud for mounting to base tray
Ball with 10/32 stud for light and motion arms
Ball with 8mm stud
Ball with 1/4” stem
Large knob to lower arm secures arm to base tray
Knob with 8mm stud
Ball joint saddle: TTL slave
1" ball with ¼-20" threaded hole