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As underwater photographers, it could be argued, that our camera housings are our most precious tool. If the housing fails, then the rest of the equipment goes down with it. Cameras, just like all electronics, were not designed to go into saltwater. However, at some point, someone decided it would be a good idea to take a camera underwater and a simple make-shift housing was created. Since that day, housings have become very complex, allowing us to take our cameras down hundreds of feet underwater and create our art.

Given how important a tool the underwater housing is, it makes sense that all underwater photographers should understand how they are created.

Therefore, we present to you, "The Making Of A Housing," a 5-part series of articles which offers a behind the scenes tour of how an Aquatica housing is made, start to finish, written by Aquatica's Technical Adviser, Jean Bruneau. Jean is the Technical Adviser for Aquatica and has been associated with them as far back as 1990. Aside from being an active underwater photographer, Jean as been writing technical articles on the subject of photography since the mid 80’s.

Part 1: Designing
Part 2: Machining
Part 3: Treating
Part 4: Painting and Labeling
Part 5: Assembly and Testing

To see the article in its original format, first published on Dive Photo Guide website, please click here.