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Accessories: Remote Trigger for Aquatica Housings

Our Remote trigger connect to the Aquatica housing and lets a photographer trip the camera shutter from a distance, practical application for doing this includes among other: the photography of very shy creatures such as garden eels, long exposure on deep wreck by combining this trigger with our TLC tripod or when using the housing at the end of our Pole Cam System for photographing dangerous animals in their surroundings from the safety of a boat.

The remote trigger switch is equipped with a standard Ikelite bulkhead connector and regular off the shelf sync cord such as Ikelite # 4104.31 Ikelite to Nikonos cord (not included) can be used. Should you require a longer reach their extension cord 4102.03 (0.9m/3ft) or their longer 4102.15 (4.5m/15ft) can be added to the initial cord. In older housings the secondary strobe connector was used for connecting the remote trigger, in newer housing, to avoid having an impact on the strobe configuration, an extra bulkhead connection is provided. In both the older and newer version a small internal remote cord is supplied to interface the camera to the trigger switch.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge:

Underwater remote trigger for Nikon D200, D2X, D300 (10 pins socket)
Underwater remote trigger for Canon, 5D, 40D, 30D, 20D and 1D series
Underwater remote trigger for Canon 70D and Rebel series
Underwater remote trigger* for Nikon D4, D3 (all models), D800, & D700 (10 pins socket) (extra bulkhead included) * non compatible with D300s housing
Underwater remote trigger for Canon 1Ds Mk III,, 1D Mk IV, 5D Mk III, 5D Mk II & 7D (extra bulkhead included)

Underwater remote trigger for Nikon D600, D7100, D7000 & D90(extra bulkhead included)