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Products: Still Camera Housings
Aquatica D850

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Aquatica housing for the Nikon D850 is now shipping!

Aquatica is proud to introduce to you our new AD850 housing for Nikon's next-generation high resolution, full-frame DSLR, coming in at only $2,895.00 USD! Reserve your unit now!

Design & R&D

We are proud of the lightweight design on our AD850; this being possible because of our new in-house 5 axis machine & our engineers being able to work closely with the machine programmer. This housing is 12% lighter than our AD800 & AD810 housings, but yet still has the same standard 90m/300ft depth rating and can still be upgraded to 130m/425ft. We then ergonomically placed the vital controls where they are most needed, right at your finger tips. Even though the D850 is a bigger camera than the D500, the AD850 housing has the same form factor and layout control as our popular AD500 housing.

AD850 housing front view AD850 housing rear view

The Nikon D850 camera main features:

  • 45.7MP Digital SLR
  • BSI Full-Frame Image Sensor
  • No Optical Low-pass filter
  • 4k Ultra HD video recording
  • 3.2'' Tilting touch screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC & Bluetooth
  • Widest & Brightest viewfinder of any DSLR
  • Outstanding battery performance

New self-aligning controls

Another great improvement over our previous housings for Nikon cameras are new self-aligning controls. On the AD850 housing the On/Off lever and the Live view selector are spring loaded, therefore you will not need to insure the controls on the camera are properly set before closing the housing. In addition, the lens release, auto focus mode and the FN1 controls were moved to the saddle allowing the user to slide in the camera without pulling any levers.

The ergonomics

The AD850 was designed to have all the following controls right at your fingertips:

  • Shutter
  • Front dial wheel & Rear dial wheel
  • ISO
  • WB
  • AF-On
  • Exposure compensation
  • Info
  • Live View
  • D-pad
  • A new AF-On lever was designed to allow all users, even those with smaller hands to simultaneously activate the AF-On and the shutter. This new lever has now been positioned ½ an inch lower and 1 ¼ inch to the front, as compared to previous models.
  • The ISO lever has now been placed right at your finger tips, it also has a very low profile, this keeps it just below the top of the right grip. It can be easily activated with your right thumb while keeping your hand on the grip.

Handling the housing is via our acclaimed moulded grips, these have been the industry reference in comfort for the last 25 years. These lightweight yet sturdy grip handles are made of one piece and cannot come unglued, fall apart or corrode. Grips are provided with standard sized mounting holes ready to accept the most current strobes and their supporting arms. On top of the housing is an extra mounting point for attaching a focus/video light or other accessories, three additional standard sized mounting points are provided on the bottom of the housing, there you can attach various brackets, support or a tripods.

Surveyor monitoring system

The Aquatica AD850 housing comes standard with a Surveyor monitoring sensor. This sensor acts as a moisture alarm and can with the addition of a vacuum extracting valve an pump, be used for constantly monitoring the sealing integrity of the housing, adding another level of safety and peace of mind.



The Aquatica AD850 is supplied with our Galileo type eye piece. This high quality and coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the view finder. For those seeking the ultimate in viewing for still image, the optional Aqua View Finder, available in straight and 45 degrees version, are among the best of the industry, they can easily be installed in a matter of a few minutes by the user. The enlarged and enhanced image provided by the Aqua View Finder (#20054 & 20059) is second to none in clarity, it provides the photographer with tack sharp corner to corner viewing of the camera view finder for composing and critical focusing.

Flash triggering options:

  • #20084-OPT Aquatica housing for Nikon D850 with Dual Optical connectors
  • #20084-NK Aquatica housing for Nikon D850 with Dual Nikonos connectors
  • #20084-IKE Aquatica housing for Nikon D850 One Ikelite connector

Main features of the Aquatica AD850

  • Well established and proven system of ports, extensions and accessories to meet your personal lens preferences.
  • Quick and simple installation of enhanced viewfinders; no special tools required.
  • Exceptionally good and ergonomic control placement.
  • All controls remain accessible in all dive conditions, either cold or warm, gloves or not.
  • Secure port locking system and easy access lens release button.
  • The most comfortable and sturdy hand grips in the industry, also extendable for larger or gloved hands.
  • Precise camera mounting via a quick release camera tray with angled rear LCD positioning.
  • Two (2) entry point for accessories such as HDMI monitors, remote control or vacuum monitoring systems.
  • Eight (8) threaded standard 1/4''-20 holes, one located on top, three on the bottom and four on the grips, to mount strobe arms, brackets, tripods and a wide range of accessories.
  • Depth rating options of 90m or 130m depth at no extra charge (factory installed).
  • Made with a time proven manufacturing process, using the best material available and state of the art tooling. This offers you many years of dependable and enjoyable service.

The Aquatica AD850 is a very compact and lightweight housing tipping the scale at just: 3.1kg-6.7lb
Dimensions: (with grips attached) W 255mm x H 180 mm x D 145mm / W 10.1” x H 7” x D 5.7”
Dimensions: (without grips) 360mm/14.15''

Now available
For more info contact: or call 514-737-9481



Aquatica Aqua View 180 Finder

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Aquatica Aqua View 45 Finder

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Protective body cap: for all Aquatica bayonet style housing
Replacement anodes kit for Aquatica housing* (two complete sets)

* except D2x housing
Maintenance kit for Aquatica AD850

Click here for more information.
Neoprene Light Blocking Mask

Grip extenders: These easy to install will give you additional space should your housing feel cramped for your hands, or if wearing cold water gloves, adding one spacer will give an extra 10mm/.0.375” of clearance, adding both will expand this to 20mm/0.75”, these extenders are ideal for adapting the housing to your own personal handling preference.

Conversion spring kit for deeper rating (425ft / 130m)

This deeper rating spring kit requires that the O-rings of the housing be removed and reinstalled, since the sealing integrity of the housing comes into play in doing so, Aquatica recommends that this modification be done only by qualified technician from and authorized Aquatica service center, also please note that this kit can also be factory installed as an option when ordering a housing.

Valve and pump to create vacuum inside the housing in order to validate its sealing capability, to be used with housing already equipped with vacuum sensor circuitry

Coming soon!