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Products: Ports > 18429 AF/MF  low profile Macro port

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Low profile Macro port for use with Canon 60mm EF-S and Tokina 35mm AT-X M35 PRO DX macro lenses.
For all bayonet housings.

A low profile flat port, designed to take full advantage of the more compact macro lenses available from some manufacturers. The port can also be combined with a variety of extension rings to accommodate longer lenses, including lenses with close up lenses, tele-converters or extension tubes.

For a list of the available extension and their dimension please visit the extensions rings section. A lens chart associated with your camera housing will inform you of the most current combination.

The Aquatica Low Profile Macro Port offers access to super macro photography via the use of water contact close up lenses and a dedicated close up lens holder, for a detailed view of the Aquatica Close-Up system, please click here.


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Rear protective port cap: for all Aquatica bayonet ports & extension rings
Replacement neoprene cover

Rear protective port cap: for all Aquatica bayonet ports & extension rings

This sturdy rear port cap helps protect the sensitive O-ring from damages when transporting or storing your port or extension.

Replacement lens for Macro port 18426, 18428 & 18429

Installation of this replacement lens should only be performed by a qualified service technician, it requires that the sealing integrity of the O-ring be confirm after installation.