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Technical Lighting Control:

The new Delta 3 arm sets from Technical Lighting Control are a quick and efficient way to get exactly what you need for your lighting support requirement, they include arm segments, clamps and mounts, all that is needed is the ball head adapter for your specific light or strobes. The typical Delta 3 strobe arm mimics the human arm, with shoulder, elbow and wrist joints, positioning the light where you want becomes as flexible as you can ever imagine it to be.

If macro photography is your thing, then the dedicated Macro master arm set is for you, it lets you tuck the strobes nice and tight when working in close quarters. For a more flexible arm set, then the one built around the 8” arm segments offer the best of both world, they can be extended for considerable spread and neatly tucked in for close up work. This is by far the most popular strobe arm configuration. On the other hand, if you are a wide angle aficionados, you may want to have the longer reach of the 11” arm segments to give you the ultimate strobe positioning.

Each 8” and 11” arm segment is provided with a threaded ¼-20” hole on its side, theses convenient attachment point are ideal for securing lens caddy, extra lighting fixture or accessories. Mounting on the housing is done with either a sliding base that will require a standard T shape base bracket, or the strobe can be mounted using a mounting base with a 1” ball bolted to the grip or housing.

The following products require a ball head adapter, not included. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge.

3 section arm 4” lower, 8” double ball, 8” double ball and 3 clamps, (T style 77550, or equivalent, base bracket required)
3 section arm 4’’ lower, 11’’ middle, 11’’ double ball and 3 clamps (T style 77550, or equivalent, base bracket required)
3 section arm 1” ball to flat plate, 8’’ middle, 8’’ double ball, 3 clamps
3 section arm 1” ball to flat plate, 11’’ middle, 11’’ double ball, 3 clamps
TLC Macro Master Arm Set: 3 sections stem arm with 1" ball to flat plate, 6'' middle, 6'' double ball, 3 clamps
3 section arm for Ikelite housings, lower post with ball x 8" double ball x 8" double ball and triple clamp with adapter for DS strobes included.
TLC Macro Master Arm Set: 3 sections stem arm with lower arm section, 6'' middle, 6'' double ball & 3 clamps, requires a T style base bracket.